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Garden City families dealing with sewage spill at Plantation Townhomes


Several Garden city families are dealing with sewage spilling out right in front of their townhomes.

According to the people that live there, this has been an ongoing situation, and now Garden City Water Operations is getting involved, telling the owners of Plantation Townhomes they have until Thursday to fix the issue or the city will take action.

"It's human feces. It's human urine. Tissue from the pipe. Sanitary stuff. It's awful," said one woman who did not want to be shown, fearing eviction. She said she has reported the issue several times and it has still not been fixed.

"We really haven't been able to do anything because when we do let the front office know, there's nothing being done," she said. "They'll just send someone out to clean out the pipe and basically that's just like putting a band aid over it, and it comes right back."

According to the Garden City water Operations, one of the lateral sewer lines is not working properly, causing the sewage to spill out, but since it's a private sewer line, it's the responsibility of Plantation Townhomes to fix the problem.

The city said they notified the property owners last week to make the repairs, and as of Wednesday, nothing has been fixed.

"It's unlivable," she said. "Because you have to smell it as soon as you walk out your door, and that's not fair to anybody. Nobody should have to deal with flies. You just sitting at your porch and flies just coming around, just a bunch of flies."

The Water Operations Dept. sent over a notice telling the Plantation Townhomes they have until the close of business on Friday to fix the issue, a desperate request these families are literally holding their breath for.

"Everybody's suffering, and you see everything when it comes out the side of the house."

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