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Growing parking issues in Coligny Beach


There has been a lot of working going on around Hilton Head lately. Crews are building the fly over bridges, the new Harbour Town Clubhouse, the brand new Shelter Cove Mall and more is expected to happen in the Coligny Beach area.

City officials said before they start building there they have to figure out what to do about the growing parking issue in that area.

There's been multiple attempts to build a garage  over the years and it's been shot down each and every time. The difference this time is a lot of islanders and business owners are all for it, because there's no where to park here.

Jacob Williams had no problem finding beach parking.

"I just drove straight on up," he said. 

That was because he parked at Coligny Plaza, which isn't beach parking.

Jeff Flenard, the owner of The Earl of Sandwich Pub, says this is an everyday issue during this summer season. 

"When they run out of beach parking across the street they start looking for parking spaces over here..and they're not staying here... they're going to the beach. That takes up parking spots for the merchants," he said. 

This is why town officials are discussing the possibility of building a multi level parking garage in that location.

Before when a garage was proposed everyone hated it because it "wasn't the Hilton Head look and feel."

"People are more open to that notion because they realize there's a limited amount of land and at some point you have to start going up," Town Manager Steve Riley said.

Tuesday night town officials met with the Planning commission to discuss rezoning the entire island to accommodate all of the redevelopment plans that are in the works all over the Island.

The new zoning codes will make it possible for them to put in a garage.

The idea is just that - an idea right now. There are no specific plans. or money budgeted.

The idea came up at the council meeting and will be discussed at next Tuesday, along with all of the other plans in that rezoning proposal. 

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