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Employees find and return lost bracelet

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Debbie Branch had given up all hope. Her one carat diamond bracelet slipped off her wrist on an outing at the Savannah Mall on Monday.

"I stayed in the mall that evening until about 5:15 pm. No luck. Nobody had seen it. Nobody had turned it in," said Branch.

She even returned the next day, driving back all the way from her home in Baxley to search again. But this was not just any old diamond bracelet, it was an anniversary present from her now sick husband, a valuable keepsake that no amount of money can replace.

"It's not for material purposes, but it would just mean so much for me to have what he picked out for me and what he wanted me to have," said Branch.

Late Tuesday night, she got a call from the Cato manager at the mall; they had found her bracelet.

Thursday, Branch made the trek back to Savannah, speechless that it was turned in.

Knowing it's sentimental value, the Cato employees say they dedicated themselved to finding it for her.

"When she expressed her feelings to us to really what it meant, we didn't give up until we actually found that bracelet," said Cato store manager Brittany Williams.

A simple good deed that reminds everyone of that kindheartedness still exists.

"It's just a blessing to me to know that there are true honest people still around," said Branch.

Branch says she is so thankful to have her bracelet back, but before she wears it again, she is going to make sure to add a safety chain.

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