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Dermatologist: Spray-on sunscreen could have negative effect


One dermatologist in the Coastal Empire says spray-on sunscreen could potentially be the asbestos of sunscreens.

People have been crazy about this convenient type of sunscreen since its introduction because it's easy to use and it protects the outside of your body, but now there is some debate about how it could be affecting your insides.

"Years ago, no one thought asbestos would be a problem, and now it is a huge carcinogen, and so they are worried these sunscreens could cause later," said Dermatologist Dr. Toni McCullough.

The invention of the spray on sunscreen seemed to make like easier for people because there were no more greasy hands or need to chase children around the house to rub it in.

But consumer reports are telling parents they may have to relive those bad memories, telling parents to stay away from spraying kids with sunscreen.

"I think the longer something is out, the more concerns are raised," said McCullough.

McCullough said she sees mostly sunburn problems with spray sunscreens, but said a few of her patients who have asthma can't use the spray because it could trigger an attack.

Most of the ingredients found in sunscreen are not to be ingested. In fact, warning labels were found on the bottles that said to call poison control if it is swallowed.

"When I've used it before on my nephew, who's six, I have to tell him to always hold his breath because he's gotten chocked on it before," said Stephanie Sosbee of Savannah. "It's very hard not to get in their eyes, and they do have to hold their nose, cover their mouths, and we even cover their eyes and try to spray around them."

McCullough said people should use a sunscreen that works for them and their children, regardless of whether it's spray, but if you use the spray, make sure you follow the directions, and most importantly, hold your breath.

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