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Variance not passed for Wilmington Island dessert bar

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There was some good news for several Wilmington Island residents petitioning against a noise ordinance variance. The dessert bar next door wanted permission to exceed the noise limits for two special events.

Turners Cove residents who live right next door to Cocoa's Dessert Bar say the outdoor music is a major disruption at night, but the only reason things went in their favor is because the commission could'nt pass a motion.

Several motions failed at Friday's county commission meeting in response to Cocoa's Dessert Bar's request for a noise ordinance variance. 

The owner of the bar told the commission they cant hold these events without an ordinance, saying,  "the crickets are louder than 65 decibels outside."

The commission was trying to make compromising motions to satisfy the neighbors right next door at Turner's Cove who say they've already had a taste of the dessert bar's outdoor music

"Lets face it. It's a bar with cornhole. It's a bar with pool tables. It's a bar with TVs. It's a bar with dart boards. It's a junior Coaches. It's a junior Tubby's at Thunderbolt. Where I've got a live band in the background and I want to blow it out. I want to invite a lot of people to them. This is going to make a lot of money," said Whitledge, a Turners Cove resident.

Right now, Cocoa's is limited to outside noise or music no louder than 65 decibels until 11 pm., but they are asking the commission for an exception to exceed that limit on two occasions, but the people right next door said it will be a major disruption.

"What happens when the music stops," asked Whitledge. "Where do all those people go? they don't immediately go home. They congregate outside and we continue to hear the noise that we're hearing."

Cocoa's said they've already taken measures to appease their neighbors. The owner told the commision, "We did come to a compromise. We did move music inside and we haven't had a complaint since."

However, the variance won't happen, not because the commission voted in favor of the Turners Cove residents, and not because they didn't agree to any variance, but simply because the board couldn't get a majority to pass a single motion.

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