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Charlotte neighborhoods play to stop the violence


For years, two Charlotte neighborhoods have been plagued with violence.

Saturday, residents of Boulevard Homes and Little Rock decided enough is enough and hit the softball diamond to stop the violence. 

William Adams helped organize the event that initially was planned as a neighborhood reunion. 

"Nowadays, everyone wants to involve guns and I don't think it's necessary to do that. Nothing is worth taking a person's life," Adams said. 

Adams has been touched by violence first hand. 

"My son was killed back in 2008. I miss him. He was killed for no reason. It's been hard but God has provided," Adams said. 

Tanya Pozo-Wright was shocked to see hundreds turn out for the event. 

"It was just supposed to be two neighborhoods playing against each other as we did as young kids. And it just evolved into something bigger," Pozo-Wright said. 

Event organizers realize this effort has to start with the younger generation. 

"We used to fight with our hands, now everyone uses a gun and as young as eleven twelve years old," Pozo-Wright said. 

It may be something as simple as a softball game, but it's a start the community hopes to build on in hopes to one day stop the violence. 

"You're killing somebody, but not only are you killing somebody, you're hurting two families," Adams said. 

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