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Lighting strike caught on camera at auto shop


One local auto care business had a close call this weekend when lighting struck less than 30 feet from their building.

Wells Automotive Repair of Savannah is located on Helen St. and the tree in front of the shop is now torched on one side. The lighting struck the top of the tree and wrapped all the way down to the base of the tree.

"It came out of no where. It was barely sprinkling, barely raining," said owner, Tim Wells, "it sounded like someone ran through the building with a car," he said.

Tim Wells was on the phone with a customer when the lighting struck right outside his door. The surveillance cameras caught the whole thing.

 "All of the sudden a loud bang, it sounded like someone drove through the garage. I jumped out from behind the car," said Stephen Pena, an employee. A UPS worker was delivering packages less than three minutes before the lighting strike.

WTOC Meteorologist John Wetherbee says lighting can travel over 5 miles away from the strom's center. Therefore, even though it is not raining, lighting can still be a real danger. Georgia power offers these tips.

  • Take safe shelter immediately inside a sturdy building, away from windows, doors and electrical appliances.
  • Avoid contact with conductors of electricity, appliances, metal objects and water.
  • Don't shower or bathe during the storm.
  • Turn off air conditioners, since power surges can overload them.
  • Avoid landline telephones and unplug unnecessary electrical appliances. Home wiring, telephone lines and metal pipes conduct electricity.


"My kids and I play out in the rain all the time so that may be changing now," said Pena.

The shop is open for business and no one was hurt.

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