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The Lawsuit Scam

Has anyone called you up recently, claiming they were lawyer and you were being sued?

It's the latest scam going around.

While it seems like a pretty dirty trick, it's even dirtier when the victim falls for it.

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Financial Crimes Detectives said they've been getting calls about the lawsuit scam, and one woman lost $12,000 out of plain fear.

A man claiming to be an attorney called the woman and told her she was being sued as part of a multi-person lawsuit, and in order to retain his services to represent her, she needed to put $6,000 on a Green Dot Card.

Police said she panicked, went to the store and did what he asked. He then told her he never got the money, so she put $6,000 more on a Green Dot Card. It was all a scam.

"First of all, if you're being sued, you have to think what are you being sued for?" said SCMPD Financial Crimes Det. Ray Woodberry. "What have I done to get sued? Second of all, the Green Dot Card. No attorney is going to operate like that. She should have verified this guy, and those are two big red flags right there."

The caller may get aggressive or threatening, but hang up and call police. If you have doubts, call the court clerk and find out with you are really being sued. Chances are, if you haven't received anything in the mail, you aren't being sued.

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