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Money Wise--Turkey Thawing Tips

Do you already have your Thanksgiving groceries? Lots of people made that mad dash to the store, not just to miss the crowds, but to give the turkey time to thaw. If you plan on buying frozen, some say it just won't have time to thaw out.

But actually, according to  Lisa Jordan with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service, "It's not too late. They've still got time to buy their turkey and thaw it out."

So, how do you go about doing that just a few days before the big feast? There are three different ways you can go about thawing out your turkey.

"One is to thaw it out in the fridge," said Jordan.

To get that done successfully and on time, you'll need 24 hours for every five pounds the turkey weighs. Another option is submerging the turkey into cold water. But the catch is you have to change the water every 30 minutes and you need 30 minutes for each pound the turkey weighs.

"When you're busy, it's kind of hard to keep changing the water," said Jordan. "The reason you're doing that is for food safety and you want to keep it below 40 degrees."

Or, you could always use the microwave, but you have to look at the manufacturer's directions to do that. Plus the turkey has to fit in the microwave.

As for late shopper Lynne Clark, she doesn't want to chance it. She's planning to skip the thawing out process altogether. "I'm going to choose a fresh turkey and one that feels like it has big legs."

If you have any questions about preparing your turkey, you can call the experts. Butterball officials will be on hand until 6pm Thanksgiving Day to lend a helping hand. That number is 1.800.BUTTERBALL.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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