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Rep. Kingston casts early vote in Ga. Primary runoff


U.S. Representative Jack Kingston cast his vote early Tuesday morning in the Georgia Primary runoff elections. 

Kingston is going up against businessman David Perdue in the race for the republican nomination for one of Georgia U.S. Senate seats. 

A rally took place Tuesday morning in Savannah. Dozens gathered to greet Kingston and show their support for his campaign. 

There were some tense moments, though, when a heckler pressed Kingston at the event saying there are so many attack ads that focus on what each candidate is not doing, that it's hard to tell what they are doing right. 

Kingston says, that's just part of the game.

"Politics is a full contact sport and sometimes when you're playing one-on-one basketball you might get an elbow in the eye, but I'm going to support the nominee and I think David Purdue and I both understand that this is bigger than us, this is about taking over the U.S. senate, so I don't think either of us take any of this personally," says U.S. Representative Jack Kingston, GA 1st District.

After the rally, the Rep. Kingston went across the street to a voting precinct and cast his early vote for himself, one of more than 3,000 early votes so far in the runoff.

The actual Georgia Primary runoff election is July 22.

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