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The Grant Scam


A WTOC viewer sent in a scam for our continuing coverage of Scam Week.

It's a Grant Scam that we have seen a lot, either through phone or email, claiming you can get a no-risk grant or loan, and the people perpetuating the scam usually claim the federal government has something to do with it. However, it's just not true or real.

WTOC viewer Tina Morgan said she received a phone call on Tuesday from a phone number, 202.470.2490, said she was a winner of a $10,500 grant through the Democratic Party and would not have to repay the money.

All Morgan had to do was tell them where to wire transfer the money and she would receive it. When she told the people to send her a check, they hung up on her.

The good news is, they did her a favor as long as they don't call back. The federal government is not going to offer you randomly a free loan, and neither is the Democratic Party.

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