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Storm destroys five cars in one driveway


A Savannah couple can barely leave their house after a tree fell across their driveway, crashing into all give of their cars during Tuesday's storm.

Neighbors said during the storm, they saw lightening hit a big oak tree, causing it to fall on a covered car port and all of the cars sitting in the driveway.

Jensina Cox said she and her husband were asleep when it happened and missed the whole thing. It wasn't until the police got to the home that they realized what had happened.

Cox said they were supposed to be leaving Thursday for Myrtle Beach, but now their vacation plans are ruined.

Luckily, no one was injured, but they're left with thens of thousand of dollars worth of damage.

She expects most of the cars are totaled, but despite the damage, they are thankful to be alive.

"I'm shocked, hurt, but I'm glad it didn't fall on the house - it's alright," Cox said.

She said they haven't started cleaning up the mess because they are waiting for the insurance company to come out to assess the damage and is hoping they will cover most if not all of the cost.

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