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Mother recalls firecracker exploding in baby's car seat


A man charged with cruelty to children and reckless conduct is expected to appear before a superior court judge.

Michael McCarty is accused of throwing a firecracker into a crowd on River Street on the Fourth of July, the firecracker briefly hit a baby and then exploded in its car seat.

Brandi Vilkauskas and her family were going to watch the fireworks, but little did they know they would almost become firework victims.

"It felt like a bomb," said Vilkauskas.  

She said her baby girl is so incredibly lucky.

Vilkauskas was walking along River Street holding the 5-week-old in her car seat carrier when she realized something landed on her baby.

"I thought it was a cigarette butt at first," said Vilkauskas.

That's when she realized it was a firecracker that was about to explode.

"I wiped it off and snatched her up and held her to my chest," said Vilkauskas.

She grabbed her just in time because it went off in the baby's car seat carrier, putting a hole in the seat.

"Luckily she was ok but if I had been a split second longer she would not have been ok," said Vilkauskas.

Come to find out, she said it was an M-80 firecracker. According the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these types of fireworks are illegal and should never be handled by consumers because they can cause serious injury and even death.

Michael McCarty is now facing child cruelty charges. Vilkauskas believes he wasn't trying to target her baby but she does want justice.

"I definitely want an apology from him and I want him to apologize to her because I feel like it was attempted murder," said Vilkauskas.  

They are trying to raise money for a new car seat carrier because it was damaged in the incident. If you would like to help:

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