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Publisher's Clearing House Scam


This scam is an older one - with a dangerous twist.

A WTOC viewer said she started getting calls from a man with a thick accent on Sunday, claiming he needed to deliver her Publisher's Clearing House Award to her, but needed her address.

"I received four phone calls from this man.  I told him I don't know who you are and I am not expecting a package and hung up. I then did a star 69 to get a phone number and called it back asking for a fictional name and then hung up. I just wanted to know that I had the right number. He then called me right back.  I told him ‘I don't know you' and once again hung up on him," Arlene Oliver said. 

Oliver said she told the man to stop calling her immediately, and he resonded by saying he would stop calling if she died.

She then called the local Sheriff's Office.

Many times, scam artisits will change tactics when one is not working, even go to scare tactics to get you to give up an address, credit card information or to follow their instructions.

Authorities said to hang up and call police immediately. 

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