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Fatal truck versus train accident still under investigation

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Police believe the man driving his pick-up truck across the train tracks in Garden City was trying to make it all the way across before he was struck and killed.

The accident happened early Thursday morning near Dean Forest Road and Bourne Avenue.

People who live in the area said sometimes they will be sitting at the train tracks for at least several minutes before the train actually arrives. Even though the safety bars come down for a reason, some people will just drive around them, thinking they can make it across before the train arrives.

We still don't know why the man decided to go around the warning gates before he was hit by the Amtrak train. The Garden city Police said they do not believe there were any technical malfunctions, and they said the train gave plenty of warning, blowing its horn several times.

One Garden City man said he sees people crossing the same train tracks almost every day despite the warning gates. He said some people will wait as long as they can, but get impatient.

"I can't say I would never do it again because it's always a problem," said Wesley Bragg. "It seems like you always have to wait, you always have to be at the mercy of the crossing arms. There's no solution."

Bragg suggested making the safety arms long enough to make it impossible to drive around them, but there's the argument that if people are determined enough, they're find a way across.

Police are still investigating and are trying to notify the man's family.  

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