Speak Out Editorial - 07/17/14

There's a reason they're called emergency lanes…but you wouldn't always know it traveling on the interstates. We've noticed vehicles parked for days in the emergency lanes around here. We got a reminder of the potential for disaster last week when a truck hit a car in the emergency lane on i-95 with a woman still in it. A viewer called in to report that the car had been there for several days.

And then there's this video of a jeep mistakenly riding in the emergency lane when it crashed into an abandoned vehicle.

The city of savannah's policy is that a vehicle must be moved within 10 days of being tagged by authorities…that seems a little long, given that some areas require that they be moved within 72 hours.

But whether its three days or ten, let's make sure we enforce that law and get those cars out of the emergency lane.

What do you think?