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Viewers respond to "Bravo To Those Who Defend America"

HooRah Bill & WTOC.

It sure is good to see one of their own tell them to stay out of the Marines' business. God Bless.

An old Marine VietNam Vet
Larry Zbikowski
Sylvania, GA


Bill Cathcart,

It is about time that someone spoke out about the misinformation the imbedded correspondents are sending back from Iraq.

Edward Like,
St.Helena Island, SC


Bill Cathcart,

As a former 21 year veteran Navy carrier pilot, I can say that your editorials concerning the value of our military and the relentless attacks by others are right on target.

You are the "smart bomb" directed at the whining media and left coast elitists. Many thanks to your verbal aim toward the misinformed.

Ed Galloway LCDR-USN Ret.
Bluffton, SC


Bill Cathcart,

I just wanted to say the Editorial on 11/22 was absolutely awesome. So many military call CNN the Communist News Network.

It may not be Vietnam with crowds at the airport, but my military friends are only slightly less offended by the views expressed on our USA news networks.

I keep hearing how much they feel appreciated and valued by the citizens. Thank you so much for standing up for them. Some of the networks can say they appreciate our military and the freedom they provide, but it is so hollow listening to what, and how, they report.

Your editorial made me stand and applaud!

Thank you!
Trish Rotureau
Savannah, GA

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