Family Loses Everything in House Fire

East DeRenne Avenue off Skidaway Road.
East DeRenne Avenue off Skidaway Road.

A tragic start to the holiday season as a family of six was left homeless after a fire destroyed everything they owned. Firefighters responded to the home on DeRenne Avenue, near Skidaway road around 6am this morning.

Fire investigators are still trying to find the cause of the fire. All they know at this time is the Walton family's house is nothing but a shell, and the family is left to pick up the pieces.

For Erica Walton and her five children, there are no words left to describe what they are going through. This morning, the family watched everything they worked so hard for go up in flames.

"To sit there and stare at your house burn down, all your belongings, memory, everything in your house is gone," Erica said.

Her 15-year-old son Rashad was getting out of the shower when he saw flames in the kitchen this morning. "First we tried to put it out, but I got in the kitchen and it was too big the whole kitchen was engulfed in fire," Erica told us.

When Savannah firefighters arrived at the house moments later, it was too late. The Waltons had lost everything but the clothes on their backs and a few other belongings.

"I don't know where to begin, where to start what I'm going to do," said Erica. "We have no place to stay I don't know what I'm going to do."

As firefighters continued their investigation, Erica and her children were just a few blocks away at a relative's house, still in shock over the few moments that left them with nothing but each other.

"I went thru the crying phase already, but I got to thank God that my kids made it out safely," Erica said.

As many families are planning their Thanksgiving holiday, the Walton family have other things on their minds."We need to find a place to stay."

If you would like to help the Walton family, any amount will be useful . Just call the Red Cross at 651.5311

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but at this time they think it might have been electrical.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,