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Trouble in Toyland

Toys cause thousands of injuries every year and toys can even kill, that's something one group says should never happen. Memorial health is teaming up with the Georgia Public Interest Research Group or PRIG, to help parents avoid "Trouble In Toyland".

"Trouble In Toyland" is an effort to educate parents about unsafe toys. Toys that look appealing but can be far from safe for your children. "There were eleven deaths last year due to toys," says Megan Fitzgerald a Public Interest Associate with PRIG. "Even one death due to toy is one too many this holiday season, because toy related deaths are preventable."

This state wide non-profit non-partisan advocacy group is working with Memorial Health to spread the word about the need for parents to be aware of hidden toy dangers, the biggest of which is choking. Popular appealing toys can have little pieces that can fit into a tube the size of an empty toilet paper roll and that means they are small enough to fit in a child's throat.

Strangulation is next on the list. Popular water yoyos were responsible for 400 injuries, six in Georgia, but you can still find them on store shelves. "They are banned in the United Kingdom, we recommend this be done in the US, in the meantime parents should keep them away from their kids."

Other dangerous include toys that are too loud and toys that are toxic. Megan warns, "pay attention to what you're giving your children and be sure they are safe." Second hand toys also pose a danger.

For a list of dangerous toys and a way to test a toy before you give it to your child log on to

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