Board Critics Call for Town Hall Meeting on SACS Probation

Brown and Allen (center front) and others.
Brown and Allen (center front) and others.

Another day, another twist in the Savannah-Chatham school board saga. Former teacher Sadie Brown, along with educators and parents, say they want the full board to face the public. They want a town hall meeting, immediately.

"This needs to be handled and handled now," said Brown at a rally today at the BOE building in Savannah.

With concerned parent Roger Allen and others by her side, Brown wants the Savannah-Chatham Board of Education to hold a public meeting as soon as possible.

"You need to say to this community, can you work with us to solve this problem?" she said.

"This is about adults accepting responsibility for their actions," said Allen.

Allen doesn't care what his critics think, like Georgia PTA vice president Susan Olsen. "SACS did not name four people," she said. "Roger Allen the parent named four people."

"I will gladly admit to be the one who stirred this up because I simply got tired of trying to talk to them," said Allen.

He believes the root of the problem is the school board. "Some of them are willing to do what they want, regardless of the impact on our kids. And that's why we are on probation."

"You know what's been done, you know how to clean it up, so clean it up," said Brown.

Brown believes, after what she calls six years of turmoil and changes, the solution to the SACS probation is simple. "If you look at the SACS report, they have guidelines in place. They have to learn how to follow them."

Brown and company want to see a full board town hall meeting happen in the next two weeks. And they are still pushing for a recall election.

We spoke to board members SuSu Cox and DeWayne Hamilton today. They both declined on-camera interviews but say they are not opposed to a meeting, as long as it's civil and productive.

Reported by: Don Logana,