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Vacant HHI hotel annex still needs renovations


After years of complaining about the vacant building owned by the Metropolitan Hotel in the Forest Beach section of Hilton Head Island plans were put in place, but renovations have yet to begin.

A few days after WTOC reached out to officials about the issue, the owners sent an email to town officials saying they were finally going to start working on the building.

Jill Foster, the deputy director of community development for Hilton Head Island said the town has laws that allow them to force the owners to fix the "unsafe" issues with this building.

"But we do not have laws to fix the property maintenance issues...which is things like painting a building or keeping the landscaping up," she said.

According to the email, owners New California Hotel Corporation said the building will finally get a makeover.

In the email, the owners said a representative from Coast to Coast Consultants is "scheduled to arrive the second week of August to commence renovations of the rear 63 unit building."

"This is the first time I've seen anything in writing about it. So I'm hopeful that they will come in," Foster said.

According to the email, the owners said the reason they delayed this project is because they were "involved in closing the sale of two multi-million dollar properties in South Florida."

But now, their focus is on Hilton Head and their two buildings here.

The owners plan on renovating both buildings, not just the annex.

The annex will be turned into housing for foreign exchange employees who come to the island to work during the summer months.

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