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Kroger pharmacist accused of taking pictures up customer's skirt


A pharmacist at Kroger in Suwanee, accused of using his cell phone to take pictures up a customer's skirt, is out of jail on bail.

Police arrested Timothy Colgrove on Sunday night at the Kroger at 400 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

Police Captain Shane Edmisten said it's alarming someone would try to shoot video or take pictures up a woman's skirt at a busy store with people everywhere.

He said Colgrove was squatting behind a 31-year-old woman at the checkout line, holding his cell phone by her legs, the camera pointing up her skirt.

"She confronted him, was actually able to take the phone away from him," Captain Edmisten told CBS46 reporter Donna Rapado.

Colgrove told police he was bending to grab a soda out of a cooler at the checkout line and always has his phone in his hand. He also refused to let them check what's on his phone.

Edmisten said nothing indicates the pharmacist was going to upload video to the internet, but often that's what does happen.

"This is predatory behavior," Edmisten said. "You don't know where photos and videos of this sort are going to end up. As soon as it hits the internet it can go worldwide. A lady or a child or anybody could not be aware snapshots of them are on the internet. It could be worldwide in just seconds."

In a statement, Kroger said it "takes this matter extremely seriously and has begun an internal investigation in cooperation with the Suwanee Police Department. Mr. Colgrove is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation."

Edmisten said Kroger is also backing up its surveillance video to help with the investigation.

Police secured Colgrove's phone while they wait for a warrant to search what he has on it.

Colgrove is out on bail, charged with eavesdropping.

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