Community Spirit--Steve Seymour

Eight years ago, an Augusta couple was made aware of the many children from disadvantaged homes or those with no place to call home. They knew they could not turn their backs on these children. It was a chance meeting that turned into a mission for Steve Seymour, otherwise known as Santa from the Sea.

It's one of the prettiest sights of the season. Santa on his beautifully decorated yacht making his way up the river, spreading joy to hundreds of underprivileged children throughout Chatham County. It's called Santa from the Sea and Seymour is the man in the red suit.

He wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. "Seeing the kids enjoy it and understanding how they feel when they get there and seeing how they feel when they leave."

Seymour says this program is about so much more than just toys. He's always amazed by the heartwrenching requests from the kids. "One child all he wanted was a pillow, a simple pillow and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. People were crying. I asked, if you had one wish what would it be? And she said, 'Santa all I want is a mommy.'"

While Seymour realizes that he and the many volunteers that work with him have helped many children, he's amazed at how the program has changed him. "Today I have a completely different mindset. These kids did not ask to be where they are and they are here."

And Seymour has taken on the responsibility of helping. He hopes by reaching out to so many underprivileged children it will inspire them to help others when they grow up. For his unselfish giving, Steve Seymour, Santa from the Sea, captures the WTOC Community Spirit.

This year Santa from the Sea is expecting 700 children from area homes. They'll meet at marinas around Chatham County starting December 6.

If you'd like to help by volunteering or donating toys, visit the Santa from the Sea site.

This year, the children will enjoy a Christmas feast before they see Santa.

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