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Bulloch County recovering after storm washes out roads


Monday night's storm flooded several places and eroded dirt roads in some others.

A viewer sent in a video outside of his house as water rushed over Spring Creek Road and took hald the dirt with it on Monday night.

Most of Bulloch County saw anywhere from three to five inches of rain, but the storm system isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"Over the next seven to 10 days, I think this is what we can expect with these afternoon thunderstorms," said Ted Wynn with Bulloch County Public Safety.

By Tuesday morning, county crews had spread tons of dirt to replace what was washed out. One neighbor said he's seen this road wash out before.

Wynn hopes this storm system doesn't do the same thing somewhere else.

"I'm confident the roads will be in good shape if we don't get three to five inches of rain at a time," said Wynn.

If the county does, graders won't have much time to get roads repaired for another group of big yellow vehicles, school busses.

People here and in other parts of South Georgia still remember road conditions from a soggy fall last year.

Wynn said they'll deal with whatever they get, but the last thing they want this close to the start of a school year is a large number of dirt roads washed out.

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