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Jellyfish returning to Tybee beaches


We are heading into the worst part of the year for jellyfish stings, and out on Tybee, Ocean Rescue said they've have actually seen fewer stings this July than last July.

Ocean Rescue said when the water gets warm, mainly in July and August, that's when the jellyfish come out.

Tybee tourists love swimming this time of year, but many of them get an unpleasant surprise while in the water.

Last July, Ocean Rescue said they had more than 3,900 stings reported to them, but so far this year it's been less.

They said if you do get stung to gently rub some sand on the sting and then find a life guard because most of them have vinegar to help soothe the sting.

While the majority of stings are not dangerous, if you have certain allergies you need to be more careful.

"If you're allergic to bees and things like that, we tell you to come up to us. You should bring your EpiPen. We try and air on the side of caution," the Captain Mike Taylor said.

Ocean Rescue said you can also take Motrin to take care of some of the pain.

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