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Safety tips to keep in mind when doing summer DIY projects


Injuries from do-it-yourself projects tend to go up during the summer months, and the most common injuries happen when people work with power tools.

"People using table saws, people using drills, power equipment. And they can often come in with lacerations, often times to the hands. That can come around from not wearing protective gear, like gloves. It can also come from improperly maintained equipment," said Dr. Brady Allen, ER physician at St. Thomas Health.

Gloves, ear plugs and goggles are all essential. If you'll be outside, add sunscreen to that list.

And when you're mowing the yard, "Never work underneath a lawnmower unless it's completely off, turned off, motor not running," Allen said.

Doctors see cuts on hands every summer, and many are serious. They say even if the mower appears to be stuck, don't reach under it while the power is still on.

They also point out that you need to check your equipment to make sure it's working properly before you get to work.

When using a ladder, have someone hold it steady, especially if it's an extension ladder.

And with any project, "Knowing your limitations is important. That feeds back to your physical and medical health, knowing when it's time to pass the torch to a professional," Allen said.

Another important tip is to not drink or take medication that makes you drowsy when doing work around the home. You'll want to be alert when using power tools or when you're up on a ladder.

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