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Truck bursts into flames in Rincon Walmart parking lot


Jerry Vaught was waiting in the Rincon Wal-Mart parking lot early Wednesday when his truck burst into flames.

"I looked back and I saw that there was a lot more smoke coming out of the bottom of it," said Vaught.

Vaught said his family was on vacation from Illinois and left from Macon early Wednesday morning. The 12 other family members were inside the store when the truck went up in flames.

"I freaked out, I just didn't know what to do at all!" said Vaught.

Luckily, James Marcum and his sister were driving by and saw the whole thing. Marcum, a former firefighter, rushed over to help.

"I look over and said, 'hey that truck is on fire!'" he said. "She said no, and I slapped her arm and said, 'yes it is!'"

Marcum said his training as a firefighter helped.

"It becomes like second nature. If there is a problem, fix it," Marcum said. The two men tried un-hooking the camper from the truck but all the attempts failed. They rescued the family dog from the camper before firefighters showed up.

The camper only had minor damage, but the truck is destroyed.

"I only had two more payments on the truck left and then it would have been totally paid for and everything," said Vaught.

Rincon Fire officials believe the cause was electrical.

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