Boys Attack Man Who Stabbed Their Mother

Two young boys are credited with coming to the aid of their mother when she was stabbed overnight. About 12:15am, police were called to a house on Waters Avenue near Gwinnett Street.

Officers found Gary Moore lying at the foot of some stairs, bleeding from his head. Janice Brown was sitting in a chair on the porch, a rag wrapped around her neck.

Witnesses tell detectives Moore, who had just been released from jail, went to Brown's home. Police say he was drunk and refused to leave. He then picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed Brown in the neck.

Officers say Brown's two young sons then attacked Moore, kicking him repeatedly in the face and head.

Brown and Moore were taken to Memorial Health where she is in serious condition this morning.

Moore was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Reported by: Steven Shoob,