Mosquito swarms to start popping up in the Lowcountry

Mosquito swarms to start popping up in the Lowcountry

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Folks in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry can expect to see a lot more mosquitoes flying around next week.

Officials at Beaufort County Mosquito Control offices said mosquitoes are likely to hatch in high numbers next week because of the weather we've been having.

We've had high tides, heavy rain and high temperatures. Officials said those are all prime breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

Gregg Hunt, the director for Beaufort County's Mosquito Control, said this has been a typical mosquito season so far.

"For the number of complaints this year...we're on average compared to the last five years," Hunt said.

But he said that will change next week because a lot more mosquitoes will be swarming the area, so he's expecting a huge increase in complaints.

Hunt said his office is prepared for the complaints and the mosquitoes.

"We have increased our area spraying because of the recent mosquito activity we have seen throughout the county," Hunt said.

Their focus this week is Rose Hill Plantation in Bluffton and over St. Helena Island. Hunt said a bulk of the mosquitoes will probably be spotted near the salt marshes and other bodies of water.

To protect yourself from mosquitoes, Hunt said to remove all standing water from your property. If you're outside use an insect repellent and make sure it contains deet.

"There's always the potential of one or two mosquito born disease in Beaufort County. The first being West Nile virus and the second being eastern equine encephalitis virus," he said.

The good news is there has not been any confirmed mosquito born disease activity in the Beaufort, Jasper or Hampton Counties this year, according to DHEC.

"Usually September and October are our worst months for mosquitoes," Hunt said.

If you have problems with mosquitoes, you're asked to contact the mosquito control office where you live.