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Week of violence totals 11 shot in Savannah


Savannah has been witness to a rash of violence with 11 people shot, including one fatality, in a little over a week's time.

All of the shootings are under investigation and one warrant has been issued. This violence is having a ripple effect on the community.

A 30-year-old man walking home was robbed at gunpoint in Forsyth Park. When he didn't give up his wallet, he was shot. An hour and a half later, less than half a mile away, another man was shot in a home at Henry and Barnard streets.

One landlord who owns an apartment building right off Forsyth Park, just steps away from that first shooting, has felt the effects of this violence firsthand.

Two of David Kennedy's tenants have been the victims of violent crime in the past year. Kennedy moves to Savannah from Chicago, a city known for its violence, and he said he's more afraid in Savannah than he was in Chicago.

"You see a good bit of police activity for you know, a few days to a week," he said. "Then it goes back to the way it was. You just don't see a big police presence."

Kennedy said that in 25 years of living in Chicago, he met two people who were victims of violent crime. In three years in Savannah, he has met seven.

A look at the crime statistics of both cities may surprise you.

Last week, both cities made headlines for shootings. A look at each city's three most violent days this summer, and taking population into account and looking at per capita numbers, shootings are three times more common in Savannah than they are in the Windy City.

The SCMPD have released the sketch of a man who robbed and shot a downtown resident walking home in Forsyth Park.

Detectives have their hands full, but the sketch, like the arrest warrant in last week's fatal shooting, are signs of progress.

One Savannah mother said she wants to see more as her son lies in the hospital recovering.

"It made me more fearful for my son's safety," said Tonjanira Kimble.

Kimble said two men rushed into her daughter's home on W. Henry Street a little over a week ago and shot her son, Jermaine Heyward. It's been three days after Mayor Edna Jackson called for an end to Savannah's violence, and there have been three more shootings.

Kimble agrees with the mayor's message for citizens to speak up.

"I would tell him the same thing, to work with police," said Kimble.

"I'm sure that they're trying to address it, but at this point, it seems like it's out of control," said Kennedy.

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