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Former Cop Accused of Rape in Custody

Former Savannah police officer Albert Jeffcoat. Former Savannah police officer Albert Jeffcoat.

The search for a former Savannah police officer accused of rape is over. The Effingham County Sheriff's Department arrested Albert Jeffcoat this morning. Deputies say Jeffcoat did not resist and was very cooperative when they arrested him outside a local church.

Once known to protect people from predators, he's now accused of being one, after a woman called police and said that the former police corporal raped her.

"She made some allegations of, that she was raped, she was raped at gunpoint and made to perform certain acts," Capt. Mike Bohannon said. "We went to a location that she disclosed to criminal investigators, we did a search and found evidence of the act that was committed."

After being on the run for more than 24 hours, Jeffcoat made his way to a Springfield church where he told a receptionist he was in a lot of trouble and needed some help. After he asked if he could borrow a phone book and use the phone, he was then led into a room where he called his attorney.

The receptionist wouldn't go on camera but did tell us she'd seen Jeffcoat's picture on TV and knew he was wanted. She then motioned to another woman at the church to call police, that's when sheriff's deputies moved in to make their arrest.

"We sent criminal investigators up there and we observed Mr. Jeffcoat walking out of the church at which time we placed him under arrest," said chief deputy Richard Bush.

Cooperating with Deputies, Jeffcoat was taken into custody. After spending years teaching people how to avoid being a victim, he's accused of the crimes he taught so many people to protect themselves against. "We put him in a single cell where we can keep a good eye on him, we don't want him in regular population," said Bush.

Some of the felony charges Jeffcoat is facing are aggravated assault, aggravated sodomy, rape and kidnapping.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

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