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Resident: Third gas leak in five years


Crews worked for several hours to contain the spewing gas from the line on Fort Howard Road in Effingham County on Friday.

The road was closed and several homes were evacuated after contractors who were installing cable into the ground struck the line.

There was so much gas leaking from the line, it looked like smoke was coming out of the ground.

Some local residents said this is not the first time they've had to evacuate for a gas leak.

"It's kind of a common occurrence I think," said Lisa Yekel, owner of I'll Be Your Best Friend Academy.

Friday was not a typical day for the students at Yekel's school, but evacuating for a gas leak is not unusual. Yekel said this is their third time in the last five years that they've had to be evacuated.

"Well, there was one time they had to evacuate through the playground," she said. "They had to tear down the fence and we had to go through the woods."

Contractors said they were digging to install cable, but the gas line they hit was not marked. According to the law, before you can dig, you are supposed to call Georgia811, the utility locating services. They mark the grounds, identifying where contractors can and cannot dig.

Now people in the community are wondering if unmarked gas lines is the reason they've had to evacuate every time.
"Obviously they need to do a better job at marking, or at least locating the pipes," Yekel said. "I don't know what instances are causing it, but I think they need to do a better job at locating the lines."

People with Georgia811 are also out at the scene investigating, but it's still unclear who was at fault.

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