Does It Work? Wednesday--Silicon Bakeware

Doing any baking over the holidays? Do you have any of that new silicon bakeware? It's pretty popular. So we wanted to see if it really works and puts it to the test. Hursula Pelot of Guyton has debated buying the new bakeware, but she's not sure if it works like her other pans.

"I would like to try it out, just for myself. I'm one of those people have to show me first."

So, we headed to Serendipity, a bakery located in the Sandfly area of Savannah. Baking is second nature to the owner, Ashlyn Anderson. She thought the muffin pans and the Silpat cookie mat would work well. As for the bundt pan: "That one I'm just not sure about because the bundt pans do stick more than the other pans, so that one will be an interesting test."

She got started on the cake batter, and poured it into the pan. Typically, this baker would use a non-stick spray but since the manufacturer claims the products are non-stick, Ashlyn decided to follow their recommendation and didn't use any spray at at all.

She popped the pan in the oven, threw together some berry muffin batter, and put those in the oven.

The manufacturer says you can use the cookie mat for bread or pastries, but we tested it out in the oven on some cookies.

Once the cake and muffins were done, Ashlyn swapped those out for the cookies. Once everything cooled, it was time for the test.

The muffin pans failed. Not only did the berries stick, but Ashlyn actually had to pry them out. There were also some sticking problems with the bundt pan. "It's nice, but if you like the crunchy part off of it, it's still stuck in the pan.

As for the Silpat cookie mat: "The Silpat is fabulous. It works like a dream."

The cookies slid right off, but we can't say the same for the muffins and cake. "The muffins, kind of a mixed review, said Ashlyn. "I would do something without berries, but both of these, I would spray them first."

Hursula Pelot says she'd rather not chance it, though. She'll be baking with her regular pans and she'll let someone else stick with the silicon. "I want what I bake to turn out right. No. Uh uh."

But just use some spray, Ashlyn says, and your cakes and muffins should do just fine.

If you're wondering how much the silicon bakeware costs, we found all three at Bed, Bath and Beyond for less than $20 each.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,