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WTOC Senior Active: Carole Tutan


The middle of summer was a perfect time to be decking the halls at Hospice House.

"We often have requests," said Hospice Savannah volunteer Carole Tutan. "And we try to fulfill them.''

Tutan is a member of the Song Birds, whose regular Friday performance was a little out of the ordinary last week when one patient requested Christmas music.

"The idea exploded," said Tutan. "So, we had Christmas in July for him and we had probably 12 different volunteers that came with Christmas hats and whatever, and our pianist played and we sang Christmas songs."

Tutan has spent 17 years as a Hospice volunteer, usually serving three to four days a week. Singing is only one specialty.

"We try to be mostly gofers for the nurses, so that allows the nurses more time to spend with the patients," she says. "We deliver ice, we read stories. It's nice. You wake up in the morning and you have a responsibility."

Tutan said her biggest responsibility is providing comfort and companionship, offering and receiving joy by helping someone through a difficult time.

"After you retire, you need something to fill your time and it's just so rewarding," said Tutan. "It's like today, that patient just grinning from ear to ear and his family members so happy. You just leave feeling uplifted because you know you've helped somebody be happy. You get so much more than you give. It's just amazing, it really is."

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