Marines Get Leave for Thanksgiving

Marine boot camp graduates going home.
Marine boot camp graduates going home.

Millions of people have been traveling for the holiday, and unfortunately, bad weather delayed some folks from getting home yesterday. Travelers at Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport were delayed for about an hour or two, but most were in pretty good spirits. Especially three young ladies who've already been through quite a challenge.

Emma Whitmore, Nicole Murad and Naomi Algarin graduated from Marine boot camp the day before Thanksgiving. Now, all three have only one mission:

"The big dinner," said PFC Algarin from Reading, Pennsylvania. "I'm just looking forward to actually having dessert and eating as much as we can."

PFC Whitmore, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, told us she was looking forward to being "able to eat what I want, when I want, how much I want."

"Excited to eat turkey, stuffing. Stuff my face," said PFC Murad of San Francisco. "I want to see my family."

For the last three months, they've endured all kinds of hardships at boot camp. So a little down time in the airport is no big deal. "It's a breath of fresh air knowing that I can go home and spend some time with the people I truly love," said Whitmore.

And it's been a long time coming. But they exercised a little of that Marine discipline, until they could finally board their planes for home. "I have more discipline," said PFC Algarin. "I'm not the crazy girl I used to be."

But with ten days leave, they have a chance to just be the daughters and sisters and friends their families and friends know and love. Even if it's just for the holiday.

All three know this could be their last Thanksgiving at home for a while. They report to Camp Geiger, North Carolina, early next month for Marine combat training, before they'll go on for additional training in their specialty fields. From there they could be sent anywhere in the world.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,