Stores Stock Up for After-Thanksgiving Sales

When the Thanksgiving meals are over, most of our attention immediately turns to the next holiday: Christmas. And all the shopping that has to be done. If you're planning on hitting the stores tomorrow, you'll have a lot of company.

Target employees are doing all they can to keep their store shelves stocked. And come the day after Thanksgiving, it will likely be the same story. "That's our anticipation. That's our plan," said the store's Kelly Blankenship. "In fact, we've got about 180 people, team members, and 90 are nothing but replenishment to take care of the floor and getting products back on the shelves."

The aisles are already tight with products waiting to be set out for shoppers. Especially in the toy section. New shipments are coming in daily to make Friday a huge success. "We are going to open at 6am Friday morning the day after Thanksgiving," said Blankenship. "And we are expecting a big turnout, so we started taking additional trucks and getting more products to accommodate all the guests coming in."

And Target isn't the only place getting ready. At Dillard's in Savannah Mall, the racks are packed. "We always expect to sell some items more than others," said the store's Donna Granger. "Cashmere sweaters seem to be big this holiday season and the poncho is still strong this time of year."

And the cosmetics section is pretty well stocked too."We will be selling a lot of gift items like cosmetic and fragrances gift sets. They are always very popular for the holidays."

So, wherever you decide to do you holiday shopping, you can expect most stores to be ready for the big holiday rush.

Target will open at 6am tomorrow morning, and Dillard's opens at 7am.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,