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Officers Feed Troops at Hunter

This is a holiday for food, family and sometimes football. But many of our military men and women can't go home and be with family. So today, there was a special feast for the soldiers at Hunter Army Airfield, and it was served up with a bit of love from their commanders.

You may think you had a lot of people to cook for, but these people had to feed an army, literally. Cooking up a Thanksgiving meal that big takes time.

"Since yesterday at five o'clock, we started baking cakes and decorating, we started cooking the meal at 11 last night," said W1 Roberta Sheffield.

And when the food was ready, the servers took their places. The top men in command wore a different hat today. The staff put these men to work. After all, it's Thanksgiving dinner, so there's a lot of food to feed to hungry soldiers: 25 turkeys, and at least 25 pounds of each side dish.

And soldiers appreciated it. "The stuffing's great, mashed potatoes, key points of Thanksgiving," PFC Chrestan Kjost commented.

Especially when they are far from home. PFC Kjost is from California.

Many soldiers like Kjost, who are being deployed in January, will get to go home for Christmas. But Thanksgiving they spent with their military family.

Hunter Army Airfield says they really go all out for Thanksgiving because they want to let soldiers know how much their hard work is appreciated.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,

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