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Army, Air Force, Air National Guard tests new technology at Fort Stewart


You don't see fighter jets over Fort Stewart very often, but Army, Air Force and National Guard crews teamed up on Wednesday with a high-tech eye in the sky.

It's designed to make combat air strikes quicker, more accurate and safer for pilots.

The A-10 Warthog and its pilots are pretty lethal by themselves, but combine them with an aircraft that doesn't have any pilot, and they're a pretty impressive combination.

The Hunter MQ5B lifted off to fly the skies of the Fort Stewart firing range. It went off to mark targets from thousands of feet in the air and send the coordinates back to crews on the ground.

"The significance of this is the practice of it," said 224th Military Intelligence 1st Sgt. Joseph Cuevas. "If we can do it here, we can do it down range effectively."

Air Force pilots from Valdosta and North Carolina took turns dropping practice bombs on the targets. This week marks the first Army, Air Force and Guard units have teamed up and teamed the two aircrafts.

"We can see what the aircraft sees," said 165th Air National Guard Lt. Col. Bob Noren. "We're able to connect. There's less talking. It's faster. It's safer. You can discern friendly from enemy much faster. We can send information straight to the pilot."

Officials said the more often they practice this teamwork, the better they'll be.

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