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People take to social media to voice displeasure about new McDonalds on Montgomery Cross Road


People are speaking out on social media, voicing strong opposition to a new McDonald's being built on Montgomery Cross Road.

The site has been the center of a similar controversy in the past, when the Walmart and Sam's Club were being built. Locals wanted to keep the noise out.

When the Sam's and Walmart were being built, in the master plan, the Metropolitan Planning Commission agreed to  keep the natural vegetation around the property as a noise buffer, but the MPC said there was an exception area on the site.

Plans for a new McDonald's on Montgomery Cross Road has many Facebook users voicing strong concern, saying things like "someone should stop by the site of the new McDisaster on Montgomery Cross Road," or simply "this is sad."

Most are upset at the idea that the natural buffer of trees has been removed in that area, and they're wondering how this could happen when the MPC agreed to keep a noise buffer around the property back in the early 2000s.

On Wednesday, the MPC explained the parcels of land where the Zaxby's is and where the McDonald's is being built were exception areas identified in that original agreement.

MPC Executive Director Thom Thomson said the parcels of land are considered to be the view corridor, and therefore the owners and developers were allowed to remove that natural vegetation so drivers could see the business, a similar concern brought up when Zaxby's was being built.

"Each time we've had to explain to people that's the exception area, the view corridor, as it's known, and the exception that it's going to be a natural buffer is mistaken," said Thomson.

Not all of the trees have been removed from the site. Even in the view corridor, they could not remove trees 20 inches around or more.

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