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Former Miss Savannah releases memoir about murder trial


The murder trial of a Savannah beauty queen made national headlines, but her book quietly hit the presses last month.

For the first time since 2005, Nikki Redmond and her attorney are breaking their silence in a new memoir titled "Behind the Sash."

March 16, 2005 was the end of Redmond's murder trial, and what the former Miss Savannah would hope was the beginning of healing after facing possible prison time, and the close of a raw, riveting and ugly chapter in her life.

At least that's how her memoir reads. It's Redmond's story in her words. The last time she spoke was during her testimony almost a decade ago.

"It's the first time I know of she has publicly spoken on the matter," said Redmond's defense attorney at the time, Michael Schiavone.

The book's cover recounts Court TV and other networks painting a picture of Redmond as a jealous beauty queen intent to kill the night Kevin Shorter was shot and died.

Redmond, who now lives in Atlanta, said she would down for a face to face interview in the future as she beings to tell her story and promote her book.

"She relates the ordeal she went through, and the process and her relationships, the relationship with Kevin Shorter, and her being charged with murder and the experience of going through a jury trial and being acquitted," said Schiavone.

With civil suits, including her own counter suit, dismissed, we now wait to see how the former Miss Savannah's book is being received by the public all these years later.

The book was released on June 23 and is available on Amazon.

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