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Death ruled drowning on south end of Tybee Island


Tybee Fire has confirmed that a man drowned on Wednesday at approximately 4 p.m.

The man, Thomas Price, Jr. from Tennessee, was out near the South Beach sandbar, an area officials said is known to be very dangerous, when he was spotted by Ocean Rescue and then disappeared under the water.

Officials said the Price was 1,500 yards away from the rescue tower, and when Ocean Rescue found the man, he was floating face down.

Price, 43, was rushed to Memorial University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

According to Tybee Fire Chief Sasser, it was low tide when it happened which is. However, when it is low tide, a lot of people will go far out onto the sandbars. Should something happen, the response time is much longer for lifeguards.

Sasser also said this is not the first drowning in this area. A sandbar shows up during low tide and many people like to walk out to it. The dangerous aspect about it is that it is surrounded though by two channels.

"The problem is all your water that goes into the back river comes through those two channels. So, that is pretty swift. Both channels are very swift when the tide is going in or going out. When you are talking about that long of a distance and we have so many obstacles. The mules can't go through there and we have to bring the jet ski around from the back," he said.


Sasser said on Wednesday they had crews stationed on Tower 18, but they were still about 1,500 yards from where Price went under. He also said they warn everyone, but often times people tell rescue that they will take the chance, buts it's a chance that could be deadly.

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