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SCMPD: No victim found so far after reported shots fired overnight


Metro Police are investigating reports of shots fired early Thursday morning in Savannah. 

Police were called out to a neighborhood along West Bay Street around 3 a.m. on report of shots fired near the intersection of Damon and Kirkland streets. 

Upon arrival, police setup a perimeter as officers investigated the scene. Officials say no one was shot, but that one woman either fainted or had a seizure in response to the incident, but neighbors say something entirely different. They say a group of people, mostly college kids, were gathered outside of a house when someone walked up and opened fire shooting two people, a young black female in her 20s and a young black male. 

Neighbors tell WTOC that the woman was the one that had a seizure, but they say that was after she was shot.  

"I just heard her yelling and screaming," said Latronda Mincey, who heard the shootings from her home next door.

Mincey said the woman was coming home from Island Breeze nightclub after winning $500 in karaoke and that a group of people, mostly college kids, were gathered outside of the house. That's when she said an unwanted guest started causing problems with the people who were gathered outside.

"Well what I heard was she asked the person to leave out of her yard and he said that 'this my hood B, I ain't gotta go no where,' and that's when the bullets went to shooting," she said. 

Mincey said she then rushed out to help her neighbor and friend.

"She was screaming and hollering like she was in a lot of pain, like she had been shot, and somebody was like 'she been hit, she been hit,' and the next thing I know she was having a seizure," Mincey explained. 

Another neighbor described her experience.

"I peeped around the corner and that's when I heard pop pop pop and I was like 'oh' and I leaned back and I heard a bunch of hollering," said LaTonya Hampton. 

Both neighbors said they think two people were shot, the young black female in her 20s who ended up having a seizure and a young black male. They say the woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but that the male victim drove himself to the hospital. 

"I just want them to keep down the violence cause we got kids that live around here and I don't want anything to happen to my kids just from being out and getting shot," Mincey said. 

"I'm real nervous and it's just like I said, I wish they would keep the peace because this is not going to be tolerated while I'm around here," added Hampton. 

The women both admit it was a chaotic scene and so they're not entirely sure what happened, but they do hope both victims will be OK. 

Mincey said the female victim was a good person, didn't get into trouble, and worked hard to care for her family.

"She's a very sweet person and she didn't deserve that, and you know she got three small children and anybody that can do that to someone, they ain't got no heart, they don't care about nobody," she said.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department spokesperson, Julian Miller, tells WTOC that so far they have not found a gunshot victim. He says police are still working to gather more details about what happened. 

WTOC will continue to follow this story and bring you updated information as soon as it becomes available.

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