Speak Out Editorial - 7/31/14

Speak Out Editorial- 7/31/14

"If it is to be…

Then it's up to me."

That's the credo of an organization called the Young Men of Honor that owes its existence to Ms. Diane Jackson, the mother of 5 daughters.

Diane founded and runs the program, which she funds out of her pocket from her home base at Spencer Elementary.

There, and in service projects around the community, Diane teaches the boys things that are too often left out in bringing up today's young people: respect and courtesy and the value of hard work.

Not all of her boys come from ideal home situations; to them she offers an even more important lesson: don't let your environment define who you are.

Our hats are off to Diane Jackson for her selfless, pioneering work. I think we need more people like Diane Jackson and more Young Men of Honor.

What do you think?