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Georgia, South Carolina prepares for tax free weekend


Stores in both Georgia and South Carolina are getting ready for the sales tax holiday weekend.

This is one of the busiest weekends of the season, with hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, making their way to stores to get the best deals for all of the much needed supplies and school clothes.

As you imagine, a lot of preparation goes into this weekend for a lot of stores, from Best Buy to Walmart, Footlocker to J. Crew.

"Think ahead, save your dollars and understand what a great time it is to shop," said Tanger Outlets spokesperson Ladonna Shamlou. "Take advantage of this weekend, it's a great time to come out with the best sales."

However, for students that require a uniform, buying new uniforms adds frustration on top of buying new school supplies.

"I think it's easier not having to pick their outfits out every day for four children, but I think it's very costly on top of it, I still have to buy a fall wardrobe," said Carly Strocko.

But tax free weekend always helps.

"It's awesome to save some money, get some discounts," Strocko said.

"I'll be back out here tomorrow at 9 o'clock sharp," said Shakithia Leonard.  

Both Georgia and South Carolina's tax free weekends start on Friday, but Georgia's ends on Saturday.

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