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Family of victim responds to trial memoir


"It's just a heartache on me," Reverend Daniel Shorter said about the death of his son Kevin. "And a heartache on my wife, a heartache on my sons who live in Pasadena, CA."

Reverend Shorter said he and his family are reliving a nightmare - one they thought was put to rest nearly a decade ago.

"He was my baby boy. I loved him very much. He loved his dad and he loved his mom. So this is devastating to us as we were beginning to heal from this thing that has to happen to us," he said.

Their son, Kevin, was shot and killed back in 2003. His girlfriend at the time, former Miss Savannah Nikki Redmond was charged with the murder, but acquitted.

Now more than 10 years after that fateful day, Redmond is telling her story in her newly released book Beyond the sash. It's a memoir the Shorter family feels should have never been released.

"Well I don't know exactly what's in that book and I really don't want to read it," Reverend Shorter said. "But I feel like she is going to degrade my son which he was a child of God."

With old trophies and pictures, the Shorter family continues to keep Kevin's memory alive and said as a religious family, they have forgiven Redmond long ago.

"We just say to ourselves we leave it in the hands of God. And let her get on with her life because God gets his revenge not Daniel Shorter," Reverend Shorter said.

The Shorter family had filed a wrongful death suit against Redmond. She counter-sued, but both suits were dismissed.

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