Savannah Missionary Continues Helping Haitians

A Savannah missionary has risked life and limb to help hurricane victims in Haiti. John Stone came home for the holidays, but now he's ready to deliver more aid to Haitians.  He's planning on leaving with tons of food and supplies people have donated to the Haitian cause.

Stone is a Savannah native, but he calls Haiti home. "I found a place where I can make a difference," he told us.

For the last eight years, he's dedicated his life to Haitians. This past summer, he watched his adopted home get ravaged by floods and storms. When he came back to Savannah a few months ago, he started collecting food and clothes for Haitian relief.

The response was overwhelming. Once back in Haiti, he found out quickly that distributing the supplies was tricky. And dangerous. So, they limited the handouts to women and children. "The men will shoot and stab each other. The women will scratch each other for food. But at least we can control them."

Since September, tons of people have donated food and clothes. So many clothes, they filled an entire storage space. Stone says the clothes that don't go to Haiti will go to as far away as the Ukraine. And to people in need here at home.

"I saw on the news about the family who lost everything in a fire except the clothes they are wearing," Stone said.

He says he tried contacting the family, but had no luck. "If you are out there, Walton family, we got plenty of clothes and food for you."

Stone plans on keeping the relief drive going through Christmas. He says Haitians need beans and rice, baby items and school supplies. The rest is in their hands. "The good thing to come out of this is the Haitians are helping each other. And they need to to survive."

Stone plans on leaving for Haiti Tuesday morning. But first, he's heading down to Florida Sunday night in a van packed with clothes, food and supplies. If you'd like to donate, call 912.412.2922 and ask for Gail.

Reported by: Don Logana,