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Bluffton man facing voyeurism charges

Jeremy William Kemeny (Source: Bluffton Police) Jeremy William Kemeny (Source: Bluffton Police)

A Bluffton man is behind bars after his female roommate caught him videotaping her in the bathroom.

Jermey William Kemeny has been charged with two counts of lewd acts.

Police said the woman just moved in to Kemeny's house two months ago as a roommate. Police are not releaseing the woman's name, but they said she reported this incident on Thursday.

She went to police, showing evidence that Kemeny was videotaping her. Investigators reviewed the video and obtained two arrest warrants for Kemeny shortly after.

Police said the victim and Kemeny did know each other through mutual friends before she moved in.

Police also said you never want to live with someone before you get to know them.

"You have to take the time to know who you're associating with, especially if you're going to be living with someone," said Bluffton Police Lt. Scott Chandler.

Kemeny has been arrested before for similar charges, and was even on the convicted sex offenders registry, but police said a judge had his name taken off of it for unknown reasons.

Kemeny's neighbors said they were shocked to find about all of this.

"I just think it's very shocking," said one neighbor. "It's disgusting. I think he's a perv. I feel bad for her, not knowing."

The neighbor, who did not want to be identified, has lived in the neighborhood for years and said she never would have expected this to happen.

Kemeny has a long history with Bluffton Police, and his neighbors didn't even know.  

"It's terrible," said another neighbor. "It's absolutely awful."

Police said Kemeny, who was in charge of the swim program for Beaufort County Parks and leisure, was arrested in 2002 after exposing himself to two female swimmers.

In 2009 he was arrested again. Police said he used Myspace to get two 13-year-old girls to send him sexy pictures.

He was arrested and charged in both incidents, and his name was added to the sex offenders registry, but a judge had it removed.

"It's scary. You don't even know who you can trust anymore," said Neighbor number one.

Kemeny is still in jail, and he's been charged with two counts of lewd acts. Police said those charges carry a maximum sentence of three years.

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