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Two more shooting victims makes 18 in 17 days


New details have been released on two men shot in Savannah on Friday in two separate incidents.

The first shooting took place early Friday morning on Greenwood Street, and second incident involved a man with a gunshot wound found near 34th Street. Police said 19-year-old Juan Lopez was the victim shot on Greenwood Street.

This ups the total to 18 shootings in 17 days.

It was an unfortunately familiar scene on Greenwood Street early Friday morning as police found Lopez injured from gunfire around 4 a.m. He was rushed to the hospital, but he is expected to be ok.

Around noon on Friday another man was found with a gunshot wound near 34th Street, however, police said they are still searching for the crime scene.

These two shootings are adding to the climbing statistic that local organizations said are hurting Savannah's image.

"I've noticed that the businesses are suffering," said Greg Lard, Vice President of the Downtown Business Association. "I've noticed that there's much less tourism, fewer people walking on the streets at night than where there was a year ago, this time last year. I think the word is traveling throughout the Southeast, and the areas where tourists come."

Both men are expected to recover, and as of Friday, eight fresh recruits are about to hit the streets, ready to combat this rash of violence.

The eight officers received their badges at a pinning ceremony Friday morning.

"It was a lot of hard work and dedication. A lot of physical work. Hands on work. And it definitely tested you. And that why we're here at the end. We're quality people. Certified to work on the streets," SCMPD recruit William Mauro said. 

Chief Julie Tolbert said she's very grateful this class took place when it did.

"We're very grateful that we had a class to come out at this particular time that we are going through some challenges. We are moving forward to recruit to draw in as many applicants in the future as we can. Because public safety is important to each an every one of us," Chief she said.

While they won't hit the streets immediately, it's clear that these newly pinned officers are ready to combat this crime

"We're definitely ready to attack that problem. We've had enough training and good teachers to help us know what we're doing to get out there and get it done," Mauro said. 

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