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Know your school system's backpack rules


Do you know your child's school's rules for backpacks?

Savannah-Chatham Public Schools and Effingham County only allow mesh or clear backpacks, and as back to school shoppers and donators begin to buy new supplies, they need to make sure they do a little homework before they head out the door.

Whether it's Barbie, the Ninja Turtles or your favorite superhero, not all students can have the backpack they really want.

"He's going back to school next week, and we are getting ready to get his school supplies and his book bag," said Crystal Reynolds.

Reynolds is about to shop at Kmart for her six-year-old son Tyshawn, a second graded at Shuman Elementary in Savannah.

"It has to be mesh or clear see through," she said. "Kmart doesn't have any, and that's a lot of traveling we have to go through to find these through bags."

Kmart on Montgomery Cross Road did not have a single clear or mesh backpack in the store. Savannah-Chatham and Effingham County back to school shoppers would be out of luck.

If your child goes to Head Start of private school, regular backpacks are perfectly fine. Where some of the charities are finding an issue, like the SCMPD, who are collecting backpacks to fill with school supplies may not know the rules and donate backpacks that are not clear or mesh.  

"We do get a lot of questions," said Officer Dana Knight.

Knight, with SCMPD's Central Precinct, has been part of the team collecting backpacks and school supplies for their Roll Call in the Streets Backpack Giveaway this weekend. People can still donate backpacks, like Chatham Parkway Toyota did, along with a bunch of other items.

However, they have had to turn backpacks away before.

"In the past, yes," Knight said. "But this year I made it very clear we need clear and mesh backpacks only."

Your best bet is to call ahead and check with your school district if you are not sure about what kind of backpacks are allowed, and Reynolds warned to call the store you want to go to to make sure they have the clear and mesh if that is what is required.

"Gas is high," she said. "It's not cheap."

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