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Critter dinners pop up in Savannah and other cities


What's for dinner? It's probably not bugs! It wasn't on the menu for one family but rather a surprise appetizer.

A Guyton woman says she nearly lost her appetite Friday night when she opened a can of green beans, finding a worm. When she went to share her experience on Facebook, she realized other folks were finding similar ingredients in their food across the country

"This is so gross, there's a worm in the green beans," said Kelly Carter.

Carter says seasoned green beans by Glory Foods have always been her favorite, until now. As she was scooping out the green beans for last night's dinner, she found what looked like was a worm.

"I just want to know how this happens," said Carter. "I know that obviously you're dealing with vegetables that are grown on the farms with bugs but if it's happening more than once that's scary."

Carter said when she went to share the pictures online, she saw a post on our WTOC Facebook page about a woman in Virginia who recently found what appeared to be a grasshopper in her mustard greens by the same company.

"Man I was sick to my stomach, I didn't even eat," said Roxanne Jones from Virginia.  

And it didn't' stop there, we heard from other Glory Foods customers on Facebook. One who says she found rat poop in her field peas and snaps.

Carter says she's always been a loyal customer but she may start re-thinking what she puts on her plate for dinner.

"I might hold off. Somebody suggested some fresh green beans, I think I might go that route next time," said Carter.

Carter says she has reached out to Glory Foods and WTOC also put a call into the company and are still waiting to hear back.

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